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WordPress fix Cant remove pop up ads someone help!

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by wordpressguru33, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. wordpressguru33


    Cant remove pop up ads someone help!, by wordpressguru33

    I installed ads from revenuehits using a code i had to put into the header, it was setup to be a banner ad. So i did not see the ad after putting the code and went and found a plugin called revenuehits plugin. It was suppose to make it easy to install the ads but when I tried to use it I got errors saying it could not put the ads on my website so I uninstalled it. After that I got pop up ads everytime I click to start a movie on my website.
    So in order to fix this I removed the code I put into the header as it says to do on Revenuehits website if you want to remove their ads. This did NOT work.

    I went scouring for any of that code through all my theme files using a plugin called find syntax that allowed me to search for that code through all my theme files but I could NOT FIND the code anywhere.

    NExt thing i tried was I did a export of all my posts, Deleted wordpress and the database through cpanel, reinstalled wordpress, re uploaded my theme from scratch, and imported my posts. STILL HAVE ADS WHEN CLICKING ON A MOVIE….

    Note before I installed this plugin from revenuehits I had no ads. Yes I used a plugin to purge all my cache and tried multiple browsers. “chrome firefox, even edge.

    Cant remove pop up ads someone help!

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