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WordPress fix Cant Change WordPress php file showing fatal error

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by lolism, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. lolism


    Cant Change WordPress php file showing fatal error, by lolism

    I tried to make changes to the wordpress.php file but it showed the following error
    “Unable to communicate back with site to check for fatal errors, so the PHP change was reverted. You will need to upload your PHP file change by some other means, such as by using SFTP.”

    I installed health checkup and it showed the following problem
    – 5.4.45 – For performance and security reasons, we strongly recommend running PHP version 7.2 or higher.
    Your version of PHP, 5.4.45, is very outdated and no longer receiving security updates. You should contact your host for an upgrade, WordPress recommends using PHP version 7.2.”

    “Your version of cURL, 7.54.0, is slightly out of date. The most recent version is 7.58. This may in some cases affect your sites ability to communicate with other services. If you are experiencing connectivity issues connecting to various services, please contact your host. ”

    So do i need to update the php or the something else?

    Cant Change WordPress php file showing fatal error

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