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WordPress fix Cannot log on using /wp-login.php. “Denied”

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by DJ Allyn, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. DJ Allyn


    Cannot log on using /wp-login.php. “Denied”, by DJ Allyn

    When I try to log into my website using URL/wp-admin or URL/wp-login, I end up with a white screen with a single word, “denied” in the upper left corner.

    It doesn’t matter what I enter into that login screen, I get the exact same result.


    Usually, if you type in the wrong credentials, you normally would get a message telling you that either your username or password is wrong.

    I just get the word, “Denied”.

    Strangely, I have a sidebar login widget in my column in my theme. I have NO problems logging in through that. If I remove that widget and disable the plugin, I still have the issue.

    I’ve removed all of my plugins, changed the theme to the WordPress default theme, and I STILL have this issue.

    I’ve checked all of the permissions on the folders (755) and the files (644)

    I’mn at a loss right now, and could use some help.


    Cannot log on using /wp-login.php. “Denied”

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