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WordPress fix Can you replace placeholders in stored documents with user input?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by ratfungus, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. ratfungus


    Can you replace placeholders in stored documents with user input?, by ratfungus

    Hi. Hoping some of you good folks can advise me.

    I need to build a website to sell a service to small businesses, which will comprise documentation, in the form of excel and (mainly) word documents (or could be something equivalent like open document format/rtf), that customers can download. They would also get access to some tutorial videos. The videos will be short; usually 1 – 2 minutes and I envisage having maybe 50-100 of these – either stored on the site or, perhaps, stored on a YouTube channel.

    I need the site to have 2 areas – one for visitors and a member’s area for those who have paid for the service. The public area will also allow visitors to download some documents, as samples, and to view some of the tutorial videos. So, the public area I think, would just have coded hyperlinks to the documents I choose plus coded links to the tutorial videos I choose.

    Most of the documentation that members will download, will not require to be modified. However, some of the documentation will need to have some information, supplied by the member on signing into the site, inserted into them.

    I know there are various CMSs that can do the site building, SEO, security, take payments with, say, a paypal plugin or whatever, etc.

    What I need the site to do, in addition to this more routine stuff is:

    Have a page in the members area that asks the new member a series of questions, in order to ascertain which of the dozens of stored documents are relevant for their particular business activities.

    It would also ask a couple of additional questions; about their trading name (which could be different from their business name) and about who has responsibility for certain functions, within the company structure (both of these will be textual input).

    Based on which documents they have checked/selected as being relevant for their business activities, (I’m thinking something along the lines of a series of topic related questions, with a tick box alongside each question), they then click an event button that triggers the fetching of another page.

    This other page then has hyperlinks, comprising links to a standard set of documents that are relevant to all business, plus the additional links (to both documents and videos) for those areas they’ve checked as being relevant for their business activities.

    I would envisage pretty low traffic on the site, certainly no more than a couple of hundred per month and no more than a few dozen new members per month.

    With light traffic, it would be easy to have the questionnaire (and supplementary questions regarding name and company structure) completed by new members and for the submit button to email that information to me and for me to then amend the word documents and send them all the relevant documents plus links to relevant videos.

    What would be easier however, would be if there was a way to store the documents on the secure part of the site and once they click the submit button, for their company name and company structure information to replace placeholders in the relevant word documents and then for the ‘links’ page to have links to all the standard (unmodified) documents/videos, as well as to their now ‘bespoke’ documents (those 3 or 4 documents with their company/trading name and company structure inserted into them).

    The videos may be stored on a shared, hosted server or YouTube channel and I’m thinking a MySQL DB and, of course, WordPress.

    Any advice on whether this is feasible and how best to achieve it will be very gratefully received. Thanks in advance. John

    Can you replace placeholders in stored documents with user input?

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