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WordPress fix Can you hide Anonymous and Date from Reviews?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by simon_a6, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. simon_a6


    Can you hide Anonymous and Date from Reviews?, by simon_a6

    We have a website where we imported tens of thousands of review star ratings, that had no reviews, from a non-WP website. so we have all these reviews, but cannot display them, as they are all Annonymous and on 7th August 2017!

    Code as follows:
    <div class=”star-rating”><span style=”width:100%”>Rated <strong class=”rating”>5 out of 5</span></div>
    <p class=”meta”>
    <strong class=”woocommerce-review__author”>Anonymous <span class=”woocommerce-review__dash”>–</span> <time class=”woocommerce-review__published-date” datetime=”2017-08-07T10:58:36+00:00″>7th August 2017</time>

    Is there a way in a function to hide the author and date, if author is Anonymous?
    And add text: rating given only… ?

    Can you hide Anonymous and Date from Reviews?

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