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WordPress fix Can’t access site (errors 403/404)

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by koaladot, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. koaladot


    Can’t access site (errors 403/404), by koaladot


    For a school project, I decided with colleagues to update our master’s website. We got admin login credentials from an alumni that maintained the site last year. Then, our group met up and we tried out how to apply a new theme, before reverting the changes. That’s all. But the following week, we found that the site was down, despite no one having logged to it.

    • The concrete problem :

    • The home page returns a 403 error
    • All other pages, including the admin logon page, return a 404 error
    • We don’t have access to a local copy of the website, and haven’t yet installed WordPress on our computers, though we’re willing to do so if required.
    • We know very little about the site itself. In particular, we don’t know the WordPress version, used extensions, and even the theme used (despite having tried modifying it…)
    • We’re complete beginners with WordPress, and barely know any HTML/CSS and PHP

    • What we know

    • Admin login credentials, obviously
    • The website is hosted at http://www.1and1.fr . We’re trying to get in contact with them but so far, we’re looking for the client code of whoever first created the site
    • We reached out to our university’s computer support service, but they can’t help us at all, because the site is completely independent.We’re left on our own to autonomously maintain the website…
    • The expiration date is set to November 5th 2018
    • The website is down since at least December 11th 2017. Here‘s the latest snapshot of the homepage from archive.org, dated from September 22nd 2017

    I know I’m asking for help quite late, and I don’t have much useful info, but does anyone know of a way to recover our website?
    Thanks in advance.

    Can’t access site (errors 403/404)

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