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WordPress fix Cache + CDN – How to edit correctly

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Sanjay, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Sanjay


    Cache + CDN – How to edit correctly, by Sanjay


    My WP install has Autoptimize + WP Super Cache + CDN (Cloudfront).

    I frequently make changes of the following nature:
    (a) design changes (CSS)
    (b) WP code changes (PHP)
    (c) HTML code changes, how to ensure it

    Since the CSS, JS is minified, then cached, then cached by CDN, my guess is after every changes, I need to:
    (1) Delete Autoptimize cache
    (2) Delete WP Super Cache
    (3) Delete objects from Cloudfront

    Is this correct?

    Q1: What is the correct way to make incremental changes when trying something new.
    Q2: Once the changes are approved, what should be my sequential to refresh all caches and ensure the whole world sees the changes in the first go.

    I’m confused on the order and step required.

    Pls help.


    Cache + CDN – How to edit correctly

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