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WordPress fix Broken images until page refresh

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by milly20001, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. milly20001


    Broken images until page refresh, by milly20001

    SOMETIMES when I visit my blog all the images are broken. Once I refresh the page they appear correctly. This happens on BOTH my tablet and PC and with any browser I try (Chrome, Firefox, IE). I’ve tried clearing the browser cache/cookies and disabling my caching plugin.

    I’ve disabled ALL my plugins (yes, every single one) and changed the theme to twenty seventeen. The problem of broken images remains.

    Here, I’ve attached a screenshot of what I saw with all plugins disabled on twenty seventeen theme.

    I can add that this only happens on one of my two websites, which use the same theme and most of the same plugins and are hosted at the same place. The major difference between the two sites is that the affected one is an addon domain with an SSL certificat and the other is not.

    Nor does it happen on any other websites that I visit so I can rule out my internet service provider.

    Is anyone else seeing broken images on my page or is it just me?

    Where should I check next and what should I ask my host to check?

    Broken images until page refresh

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