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WordPress fix Broken Font and I can’t find the code

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by vidatjie, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. vidatjie


    Broken Font and I can’t find the code, by vidatjie

    Originally posted in Gateway theme support, but it seems this is not a theme specific issue, so reposting here.

    After installing, attempting to edit and uninstalling Gateway theme, I’ve been stuck with this awful serif font everywhere. The font affects even my WordPress admin dashboard and other multisite installations.

    @paulwp helpfully found this buggy code which isn’t valid CSS and is causing the issue.
    I didn’t input the code that’s breaking it, so that must’ve been from the Gateway installation.

    ul li {
    font-family: '' !important;
    color: !important;

    a {
    font-family: '' !important;
    color: !important;

    The theme stylesheet has a normal font, but this code is overriding any other css I put in.

    I also see it when I use Chrome’s inspect tool, and when I deactivate it the font reverts to normal. I’ve cleared all the caches, uninstalled and reinstalled the Theme I’m using (Llorix One Lite), but the font is there regardless of which theme I use and across devices/different computers. I’ve updated everything as well.

    The only issue is I’ve searched the FTP files for the broken code, and can’t find it anywhere. I’ve searched the theme files, style sheet and other css files.

    Any ideas on how to find the code? Any chance there’s a tool to pick up the source? Where could it be that it affects the entire site?

    Sorry a bit new to this backend stuff.

    Thanks again for the help!!

    Broken Font and I can’t find the code

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