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WordPress fix Best way to back-up *BASIC* WP site?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by etcbbu, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. etcbbu


    Best way to back-up *BASIC* WP site?, by etcbbu

    Recently got hacked. Our WP site is really basic. No users or registrations or anything. It’s not our primary website. Just has a couple of “Categories”, 27 Blog Posts, and some Images and Text-information changes in the Header and Footer on the Basic Twenty Seventeen Theme, just some basic color/image changes to header/footer information.

    I am probably just going to BLOW UP the MySQL database in my web-host, BLOW UP these WordPress installation files on our web-space via FTP, create an entirely new sub-directory and not install a new one on


    anymore, and just start a new MySQL database, but maybe install a Back-up of this current site with a Fresh WP installation, in a new sub-directory other than it’s current place at /blog/ .

    Now, we only have 27 “Posts”. And each one of those is just one page or two, and some of them have .JPG or two. So this is a super-basic WP site. But what’s the best way to scoop up all of my settings, all of our 27 Posts (they are basic posts with a JPG or two attached) and all of the images and text in those posts, and everything on how I have my Blog and its Theme and everything now, to Back-up and Restore on a fresh installation that I will do with a different MySQL database and in a new sub-directory from my root directory?

    Best way to back-up *BASIC* WP site?

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