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WordPress fix Backed Up and Want to Run in Local PC

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Walden, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Walden


    Backed Up and Want to Run in Local PC, by Walden

    I was tasked to solve a problem, when the website developer wouldn’t help us unless we pay another fee. I felt that they should have, first, made sure that the website was up and running, same with the core/background applications (wordpress and plugins) but unfortunately they didn’t.

    So I studied and learn WordPress and installed it in a computer using XAMPP and was able to successfully do the job so my next step is to get the backup (backupwordpress app) of the company website and upload it there to see how it works with version 4.8.2 but cannot make it work.

    What i did was create a folder (based on the db_name created in XAMPP) in the htdocs folder then copy and paste the wordpress version 4.8.2 and continue with the install process. Next step is copy and paste all the files from the backup (zipped file) in the folder to replace the wordpress files with the backup files. It seems that it didn’t work. Did I missed anything or did I do it wrong?

    Backed Up and Want to Run in Local PC

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