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WordPress fix Auto Posting Posts – Is there a Bug?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Stephanrkhd, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Stephanrkhd


    Auto Posting Posts – Is there a Bug?, by Stephanrkhd

    Just a quick question and weather its a possible bug,
    I have my ‘Default Post Category’ in settings set to ‘Unavailable Category’,
    which is password protected.
    When i post (admin),
    The category section is empty and i have to choose the category and it only posts to ‘Unavailable’ if i hit post without selecting a category.
    This is what i believe to be correct and working fine.
    I also have someone else who posts for me,
    She is just a user rather than admin as i don’t want her to have access to all the setting.
    This is where it starts going wrong.
    She doesn’t have the option to choose ‘unavailable’ category, i just want it as a backup if she forgets to select a post category.

    Whenever she clicks ‘New Post’, it opens the new post page and instead of saving a draft it seems to auto publish and as shes not had a chance to choose category as it does it as soon as the page opens, it puts it in the unavailable category.

    Is there a way to make it save draft rather than auto post,
    Like it does when i sign in as admin?

    Many Thanks

    Auto Posting Posts – Is there a Bug?

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