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WordPress fix Any Post Edits/New Posts lead to a “Page Not Found” Error

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by lattesandstories, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. lattesandstories


    Any Post Edits/New Posts lead to a “Page Not Found” Error, by lattesandstories

    PLEASE HELP! I have a site that is running off of a Seal Child theme, and my posts/pages were working fine until this morning. I went in to edit a Custom Post Type, and after editing it and updating, the post page now leads to a “Page Not Found” page on my Sela theme =/ When I make edits to posts/pages, they suddenly no longer are working, too. I tried a few times to create totally new post, and after publishing, when I try to view the post, the same thing happens.

    The thing is, these posts show up in the categories they’re listed in. I have a category for blog posts, and these posts show up in the feed perfectly fine—the problem occurs when I try clicking on the post to be taken to it’s page. I’m then redirected to the “Oops! This page can’t be found” message.

    This happened suddenly, and I have no idea why. Everything was working perfectly yesterday, and I hadn’t made any significant changes to my site since then. It literally just stopped working one second after it was. I’ve seen from the forums that this has happened to many other WordPress users, but never has an explanation been given; all I’ve come across were actual Staff members fixing the sites for the users and telling them so in the forum, not actually explaining what in the world happened.

    I’m in need of help quickly, for I run a writing site and the authors and I have a deadline of when to post.

    Thank you!

    Any Post Edits/New Posts lead to a “Page Not Found” Error

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