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WordPress fix ANOTHER spinning checkout wheel

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by billryan767, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. billryan767


    ANOTHER spinning checkout wheel, by billryan767

    I’m new to WordPress, and also new to WooCommerce (3.2.5).

    SSL appears fine and on http://whynopadlock.com the test is passed.

    BUT, on the checkout page, and the checkout page only, Firefox says (alongside the padlock) “Firefox has blocked parts of this page that are not secure”.

    A code-savvy friend checked it on the inspection console in Google Chromium, and saw that http://thecirclememphis.com/home/?wc-ajax=update_order_review was not loading.

    That seems to indicate that it was trying to load an insecure page… but that contradicts the apparently successful http://whynopadlock.com test.

    I’m not a developer, and I’m new to WordPress and also WooCommerce. I’ve already spent many hours on this, reading every online article I can find. (Much of what I do read, I’m unable to understand. Not because I’m dumb, but because I have little experience with code, scripts, plugins, and the like. I can barely navigate round the WP Dashboard… and that’s not a joke.)

    This seems to be a common issue. I confess I’m frustrated, because I thought this was all meant to be easy and user-friendly. It’s not being friendly to me — at all.

    I have to fix this. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what to do or try next.

    Please ask me, in detail, what you need to know, so I can help you help me. I’m smart, and can follow instructions excellently if they’re explained well. But I have absolutely NO idea what to do.

    It also seems that I’m far from the only one with the spinning wheel checkout problem, and many people much more experienced than me have evidently been stymied by this. One of the things I would love to help the good tech support people to understand really fully is that anyone who can’t get their store to work as it should is literally losing money by the day, and maybe by the hour. This is serious business, so to speak.

    Thank you in advance, so much. I need to be told EXACTLY what to do, in the simplest of terms, as if I were an intelligent child. That works for me! And there’s the real possibility that really clear and workable replies (thank you again!!) will help a lot of other people, too.

    ANOTHER spinning checkout wheel

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