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WordPress fix admin toolbar missing – help!

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by korinwatson, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. korinwatson


    admin toolbar missing – help!, by korinwatson

    Hi all. I have searched the forums and haven’t found an answer yet that has worked.

    i have some problems with my admin bar not showing up on pages. It was there yesterday and I was happily navigating between front and back end. I now always have to type /wp-admin/ behind my homepage to enter this area. I have looked around on the internet and tried the following:

    1: Check if my theme has wp_head();
    It does
    2: Check if my theme has wp_footer();
    It does
    3: Check if my profile has the admin bar thing checked on
    I do have it checked on
    4: I have the latest wordpress installed and my theme is fully functional. *generatepress is the theme.
    5: I have tried activating another theme like twenteseventeen and it did not help.
    6: I deleted cache to see if that did the trick but it did not.
    7: I checked if the problem was also there when i tried a different browser and sadly yes.
    8: I have also disabled all of the plugins (no change) and then activate one by one.
    Thanks for taking the time,

    admin toolbar missing – help!

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