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WordPress fix 64MB media upload limit

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by pacman7331, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. pacman7331


    64MB media upload limit, by pacman7331

    I recently started a basic plan over at BlueHost.com. I’m experimenting with a site that is able to host videos posted by the admin, as well as receive them back from a created user account after they purchase a monthly subscription.

    … So far I’ve tried simply adding a video of about 140 MB to the site, and ran into size limits on wordpress (64 MB). I was told to use FTP to get around that but then the file doesn’t appear in the media section of wordpress after uploading. Now a tech has increased the size limit to 2 GB but the upload is very slow and doesn’t present any progress bar, aside from the ambiguous page loading progress bar.

    I’m wondering if i’ll be able to do this? I need these video uploads to be swift and easy for both the admin and the users. I’ve yet to design the website. Nor do I know how to set it up so a user account can upload videos to the admin.

    But if anyone knows anything about this i’d appreciate. I don’t know if this web service or interface is capable of doing this. It seems WordPress is not designed to handle things beyond 64 MB, so that excludes most video material…

    Any feedback appreciated!

    64MB media upload limit

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