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WordPress fix 500 Error, how do I recover

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by sccrow, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. sccrow


    500 Error, how do I recover, by sccrow

    Actually, I am not sure of the version. I got a messages that it was updated, so I assume the latest.

    I logged into my site. There were 7 plugin updates to be updated. About the 3d one, things crashed and now all I can get is the 500 error.

    I did as suggested. Renamed the Plugin dir and removed all themes except for TwentyXXX themes. No help. The .htaccess files. I downloaded them all to my pc and viewed them. They do not appear to be corrupt. I cant look at them in CPanel on my host, but that is a different issue for them. Pages are about 10 gifs in general, and not a lot of text. I also do not think the PHP memory ran out. Guess it could be that.

    SO, it looks like the next step is a reinstall.
    Tell me there is some short cut please. I had over a hundred pages and 5000+ gifs (Artist Site) and many more to add. I really do not want to rebuild everything. I don’t know how WP uses the DB, but I suspect that a new install will not just pick up what is there.

    One other thing. I had a plugin to do backups. I think I can re-install then run the restore. I am assuming it will handle the DB.

    So, Thoughts and suggestions before I screw up more things or just have to start over.
    I figured I should ask before doing something stupid.


    500 Error, how do I recover

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