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WordPress fix 404 error will not go away

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by mjmpublishing, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. mjmpublishing


    404 error will not go away, by mjmpublishing

    Hello, On my Events Flyer page I regularly post flyers and add the URL. Normally you can click the flyer and it will open a new window to the page. However, Last week, maybe two, (I’ve been very busy) Akismet would not update due to file permissions. It seems to me this 404 error came along about the same time.
    Today I called GoDaddy, they fixed that and I asked about the 404. We reset Permalinks (I had tried that too), they reset the back end – what ever that means – and I’ve tried nearly everything else I can find.
    Reset Permalinks, flushed GoDaddy Cache, flushed Avada 5.4.2 Cache
    Then went to the page, reset the link using the actual page URL
    Saved, updated retest = 404 Error
    Next I tried:
    Resetting Permalinks again, flushing everything, deleted the Content Box that has the flyer in it, saved, updated, went back to the page, opened it, reinstalled the content box with a new copy of the flyer and added a fresh Cut & Past of the URL for the link.
    Still have the 404.
    I have disabled all the plug in’s, flushed, reset etc – same problem so I came the conclusion it might be in the code.
    I added the Debug This plug in and went to the page and looked at it. Nothing was highlighted, everything seems normal. Out of desperation I began just browsing every option in DeBug This and I found that in the Server/File Access menu it says: Debug This Mode: file-permissions – Info about WP root, plugins and theme directories.
    Rubric: access – no access
    And nearly everything is highlighted in red. It seems somehow I do not have access and the permissions are out of whack?
    I have a screen shot.
    So, I’m just a guy with a website. I have no idea what to do now. I’m throwing myself on the mercy of this forum.
    Thank you in advance.

    404 error will not go away

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