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WordPress fix “Edit/Create Post” is slow due to +40000 users

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Debugger, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Debugger


    “Edit/Create Post” is slow due to +40000 users, by Debugger

    currently, I am working on a WordPress website with more than 40k registered users.
    When browsing through the admin area I found that edit/create post/page process is really slow, even that the site is hosted on a powerful VPS.
    And by slow I mean 10-12 seconds until the page is completely loaded.


    I check the request and it shows that the response from post.php is nearly 4MB.
    The cause for this is that all of the active 40k users are displayed in a huge dropdown (options).


    I tried to hide this section using the “Screen options” of the page, but it’s only hiding the HTML.

    As the site admin is only one, there’s no-one else who can write/edit posts and this drop-down is simply useless. So I am looking for a way to remove it.
    Any ideas/suggestions?

    “Edit/Create Post” is slow due to +40000 users

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