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WordPress fix “A New WordPress Site Coming Soon!”

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by kindredkaylee, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. kindredkaylee


    “A New WordPress Site Coming Soon!”, by kindredkaylee

    I tried reaching out to the forum for IOS but it looks like nobody has helped that page in 5-7 years.

    I have the wordpress app on my iphone 6, and I am unable to view the site/customize it. When I try, I have a message come up that says: “A New WordPress Site Coming Soon!” followed by an admin login button. At the bottom, it states it’s a bluehost powered website (which is true).

    When I try to click on the admin login button, it asks me to use my wordpress.org username/email address and password. When I enter this information, it says my email is invalid, but it’s the only email address I’ve ever used for wordpress/bluehost. I am not sure what to in order to view and customize my site from my phone. I run into this issue with my kindle as well.

    “A New WordPress Site Coming Soon!”

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