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WordPress Changing Subdirectory – Maintain Links

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by thehammer610, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. thehammer610


    Changing Subdirectory – Maintain Links, by thehammer610

    I have an existing HTML website. I am converting it to WordPress. I manually created a subdirectory via FTP, and installed WordPress while I learned it.

    So my old directory is http://homepinballrepair.com
    I created a subdirectory /wordpress/
    So my under construction home page is http://homepinballrepair.com/wordpress/

    I figured when I was done, I would just FTP everything from the subdirectory to the original directory and delete the old HTML files. Or, redirect the URL to the subdirectory.

    But as I learn WordPress, it seems like my media that I have inserted in the pages has a hard link, not a relative link. Therefore, I think if I move the WordPress files via FTP, it will mess up all the links in the website.

    Is that correct?

    Is there anyway around this?


    Changing Subdirectory – Maintain Links

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