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WordPress Can’t get to my dashboard editor – may have deleted my website from wordpress?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by ronbrewer, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. ronbrewer


    Can’t get to my dashboard editor – may have deleted my website from wordpress?, by ronbrewer

    I started a website a few of days ago with Siteground and Elegant themes Divi. I started messing around with my editing on WordPress a little but in the process of browsing around for plugins I lost my editing page and I didn’t know that I had to go to http://www.domain name/wp-admin to get back to it. So in my troubleshooting process I may have deleted my page from word press by accident from trying to delete a plugin thinking that it was my problem? Not sure? Because that same evening when I discovered to go to http://www.domain name/wp-admin thing it did take me right back to my dashboard page editing. The next day when I tried going to the http://www.domain name/wp-admin thing the WordPress page is telling me I don’t have a website through them yet. And now they want me to purchase a monthly $24 a month business plan when I didn’t have to do that the night before. How do I go back to having it again? Is it as easy as removing WordPress from my c-panel and downloading it again? I am new to all of this stuff if you probably couldn’t tell from my questions.

    Update: I had this original message above sent to wordpress support yesterday then I got a reply saying that I need to go to wordpress.org support instead of wordpress.com. I wasn’t signed up to wordpress.org apparently and had to register so here I am now. I didn’t know there was a .org version or which .com or .org I set up my website from? I original clicked on the wordpress icon from my Siteground C-Panel then got it set-up and working at first from there. I believe I deleted it from wordpress not knowing what I was doing. I don’t mind starting over since I really didn’t do much of anything to my new website yet. Can I just go back to my Siteground c-panel and remove and re-install wordpress from there and let it take me through to the beginning again? I’m afraid to do anymore things and create more problems for myself.
    My e-mail is [email address removed by the moderator in accordance with the forum rules]

    Can’t get to my dashboard editor – may have deleted my website from wordpress?

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