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Wordpress as a Point of Sale Platform

Discussion in 'Starting a (WordPress) Website' started by adamjedgar, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. adamjedgar

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    Apr 26, 2014
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    Does anyone have any experience in Point of Sale?

    I am wondering if Wordpress with an ecommerce plugin and hardware barcode scanning device (such as those already found in many supermarkets) could be used as a browser based cashier system in a local retail store?

    If it is possible, i would love some ideas and input on a step by step method for achieving this goal.


    • I want it to be a really low priced setup (lots of small convenience stores are not able to budget a large amount of money for such a system. (or not interested enough in seeing the benefits of technology change in running their business)
    • I would like it to be a browser based system
    • Wordpress with an ecommerce plugin (eg thecartpress, woocommerce, or wp-ecommerce) is the controlling management platform
    • All data is stored in the wordpress mysql database on web server

    im sure more criteria will come to mind as time goes on, but the above will do for now.

    Any ideas?

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