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Problem with wordpress menu creation

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting & How-To's' started by AndyRose, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. AndyRose

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    Oct 2, 2017
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    I may be missing something really stupid as this was working fine previously.

    I am in Appearance/Menus and am trying to create a simple menu with sub menus.

    My categories under "Product categories" are not showing their parent/child structure except for some that were created when things were working OK.

    All my categories are set up with their Parent and show up fine in other places such as the categories list

    I can still create menus but it is nearly impossible to find child/grandchild etc as I have lots of categories and many have similar names.

    So my question is - How do I get the "Product categories" list to update / sort itself out so that the hierarchy is shown.

    Many thanks - nothing too technical in your explanations as I am new to WordPress.

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