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Need help with creating custom search results for a category

Discussion in 'Plugins and Hacks' started by sonofnet, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. sonofnet

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    Feb 19, 2018
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    Hi, everyone, I'm stuck and I need help :)

    I have a wp site, lets say it is real estate listings. I have a category "rent".

    1. I want to have a date filter on this page (a dropdown with today/this week/this month/pick a date range). If I change the filter, I want an ajax update of the search results.

    2. I want a list of results to look like a number of days till rent is over, a picture of the flat, and a description from the custom fields of my posts.

    3. I want to prioritise the search results with weights. So that paid posts showed higher, then others.
    Could you pls help? I guess there should be many plugins involved, but I can't find the right ones.

    Thanks in advance!

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