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Need help to choose a wordpress theme

Discussion in 'Themes and Templates' started by Thomas Pain-Surget, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Thomas Pain-Surget

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    Jan 4, 2017
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    We are a team with the ambition to create a web application allowing to create events (choice of venues, services, entertainment, etc.)

    There will be clients, who will be able to create their events, and service providers, who will be able to use the web app as a window to find customers.

    We have for the moment created a homepage with wordpress, and want to buy a theme to start developing the web application.

    Here are the two themes we chose :



    (I didn't put any links because of the rules of the forum)

    What theme do you think is the best for our project ?

    We want to know if these features are possible with one of these two themes or if it is possible to integrate these features via existing plugins (If you know plugins, could you give us their names ?)

    Here are the features :

    - system of quotations (archivables, downloadables)

    - basket system

    - provider rating system

    - tools for creating start of events with an agenda for the date and the number of people (capacity)

    - options for profile settings (see events, add a picture, ..)

    - When a provider wants to add his / her talent / place to the site, how does the presentation standardize? Our idea is that there is a prefilled template that displays and that the provider only has to grab for example, a description of it, a title, etc.

    - possibility to choose your own filters during a search (for example, you choose a caterer and you can filter according to the capacity of your event, which gives you a final price)

    Thank you in advance for your help !

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