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Lead Marketing in a Home Based Internet Business

Discussion in 'General Marketing Discussion' started by TaslimaRahman, Jul 26, 2017.

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    Jul 26, 2017
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    Home Based Internet Business Fundamentals

    Lead marketing is a powerful way of promoting our home based internet business . Before discussing lead marketing, however, it's important to discuss online advertising in general and how internet businesses are generally marketed. It might surprise you to find that many do not make the best use of what web-based technology can offer.Many people simply apply offline technology to their online businesses. They may have been involved in sales marketing in their terrestrial companies and believed that all they had to do to be successful was to advertise and wait for the sales to roll in.

    Wrong! In fact they have no idea how wrong they are - or were, because such people are no longer in business online. They have failed because they did not understand the nature of internet marketing. Lead marketing was an unknown term to them, and for every home based internet business that succeeds, another 99 fail. Don't be one of them.

    Lead Marketing and Ad Tracking

    Maybe you need some training in how to use the internet to promote your products or services. The thing is, there will be no shortage of potential buyers online - you just need to know how to capture them and sell to them. Many will come to you with their tongues hanging out if you can identify them properly - but that's where most people go wrong. They could neither identify their potential market nor sell to them even if they were standing in line!

    Concepts such as lead generation, lead marketing, ad tracking, video postcards, Google hangouts, contact management and sales funnels might seem alien to them, yet they are crucial to online success. Keeping in mind that each of these will contribute to your success, it is little wonder that those that are expert in their use try to keep their secrets to themselves.

    What is a Sales Funnel?

    Here is just a small example of how a sales funnel can help you to attain a much higher conversion rate of leads to sales than most home based internet businesses dream about.Think of a funnel, with a wide mouth and narrow bottom. The term 'sales funnel' is enough to explain that more leads enter the funnel than reach the bottom. The way to use such a funnel is to set 'rules' that have to be met before a lead can progress down the funnel.If you get your rules right, then those that make it should be sure-fire customers or clients. Get your rules wrong, and either too many or too few manage to pass down the funnel - you either lose sales through over-strict rules or waste time with those who have no intention of buying.

    A combination of lead and sales analysis will enable you to attract the right people to enter your funnel and to set rules so that your efforts are spent on genuine prospects and not wanabees. How do you do this? Well that is another story, and an important aspect of good online sales technique.

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