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Issues with DAP Membership Plugin

Discussion in 'Plugins and Hacks' started by Joachim Rodriguez, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Joachim Rodriguez

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    Mar 13, 2018
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    Dear Forum Members,

    this is a rather general question regarding setting up a Membership Site with DAP (digitalaccesspass) and WordPress.

    I have tried to get a DAP powered membership site up and running. In order to offer a credit system for my members, I am using the DAP addon “Credit Store”.

    So far, I managed to install and configure DAP and Credit Store and created membership levels and digital products.

    However, I am facing technical issues and bugs for almost one year now. DAP Support did not manage to resolve the issues, neither. Now, I have the impression that the DAP membership plugin does not work properly in my scenario. For some reason, I could not find any running live site that successfully is running DAP and Credit Store.

    Thus, I am asking you for your feedback and help. Does anybody of you have DAP and Credit Store on a live site and managed to get it running without any issues? Has anybody made similar experiences?

    Thanks a lot for your support!

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