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Handle posts with hundreds of comments

Discussion in 'Plugins and Hacks' started by Arikglouds, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Arikglouds

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    Jun 1, 2015
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    If your blog posts are old enough, they start to accumulate many comments. I have certain posts with over 1000 comments.
    Obviously I want users to see the newest comments first and I have to use pagination otherwise the page will load forever... So I set the comments to show "newest first"
    The problem with WordPress is that it breaks the pages by the order of the comments, so if for example, I have 102 comments, and I set it to show 10 comments per page, then the last page (newest comments) will hold only 2 comments. So this is a ridiculous situation, you have 102 comments but only the last 2 comments are shown (instead of the last 10 as desired).
    This is not a bug!! this is just how WordPress paginates comments.

    I found a solution to this problem, an old plugin called "Reverse Top Comments" and then in Discussion settings I set to show older comments first - That way the two negatives work together to create the right positive.

    The only problem with this method is that after comment submit, the user is redirected to the specific comment URL. but that URL now belongs to a different comment because of the reverse plugin!

    Do you have a better solution?

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