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Environment(dev, test, backup) setup for WP website, version mgmt

Discussion in 'Starting a (WordPress) Website' started by smitsuch, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. smitsuch

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    Feb 12, 2015
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    I am trying to setup a website(WP on godaddy) and I have purchased a theme.
    I have purchased the theme under Regular License on themeforest. The license for the theme states "Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee."
    Now, I want to know how I can setup different environments for- the dev setup, the test setup and the backup. This should allow around 4 different developers/testers to work on each setup respectively or as a group. Also, how can I enable versioning?

    Thanks in advance

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